Little River Hotel

Built in the 1840’s as a rest stop for travellers on the Geelong-Melbourne road, the Little River Bed and Breakfast has become an icon that is loved by the locals and enjoyed by it’s guests. The site was originally known as the Bowling Green Hotel which was built after the Little River railway opened. This establishment burnt down in 1858. A second hotel was built on this site in the early 1860’s that was quite modest and was replaced with the building that stands today in the early 1870’s.

Back 2 the MAX

2008 marked the 30th anniversary of the completion of filming for Mad Max. To celebrate, the Little River Historical Society held a Mad Max 30th Anniversary Event on the weekend of October 11 & 12. There were car displays, memorabilia and information displays, tours of the locations, special guests and other fan events.

Country Collections Magazine

A feature appeared in the January/February 2012 edition of the Country Collections magazine. The article, History Lessons by Emma Sutcliffe with photography by Andre Elhay captured the time and effort gone into the restoration of this beautiful homestead. Tanya and Craig worked day and night on the restoration and it certainly showed in this feature.

Make Poverty History - Zero Seven

In 2007 this site was featured as a set for the Make Poverty History Campaign to show support for a charity we all believe in.